Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A theological question from Train Guy

This is Train Guy:
Train Guy is pretty smart and asks some amazing questions, questions that make those of us that get to hang out with him realize that his brain is constantly pondering. He remembers A LOT and listens more than any of us realize. Train Guy is 4 1/2 but sometimes I feel like there is an old soul within that body.

Today, I received a text that said "Train Guy wants to know how God came back from the deadness."

My response was "Good question. I would like the answer to that myself."

A little while later the response from Train Guy was "I can't believe Brittany doesn't know. She knows everything about God.** Why doesn't she ask him?"

Talk about being put on the spot! I promised Train Guy that I would ask God and God has told me to ask you all. I'm pretty sure that Train Guy asking about Jesus and I'm positive he's not asking about why but how exactly it happened. The answer of it being a miracle isn't going to appease him, I tried. So what do you think? How do you think God came back from the deadness. Train Guy wants to know.

**And just to clarify, I don't know everything about God and I'm pretty okay with that.


Anonymous said...

I think Jesus came back from the deadness because God wanted him to. God has a plan and a reason for everything even though we don't understand it, and God can do anything, and I think God knows that people need Jesus because he makes a lot of people feel better and do right in the world.

Presbyterian Gal said...

Because deadness is like a train. You travel on it to the other side where God is right now.

Brittany said...

Thanks for your input ladies! I will pass your wisdom along.

PG--glad to hear from you! Been praying!

Anonymous said...

I think that God is ALL POWERFUL
and can do anything even bring back Jesus from the dead. Grandma R