Tuesday, August 4, 2009


To unbloggable person,

I listened. I didn't want to, but I listened. I tried to ignore your words. I tried to focus on something else. I texted a friend, I thought about tomorrow but still, I listened. I heard the words you were saying. I heard the condemnation. I saw the verbal finger wagging. I know what you were attempting to communicate. And I reacted. I felt the indignation rise up in my throat like bile that just has to erupt. I reacted. My teeth and jaw clenched tightly. My hands curled into fists. I reacted. My heart felt like it hardened, I saw the crap meter in my head register high.

Because I know the truth. I know the truth. The verbal finger that was wagging at me had four more pointing directly at you. Trying to remove the plank from my eye, you completely missed the TREE in yours. I know the truth and I'm so stinkin' tired of listening to the words that fall from your lips with such ease. Words that you don't really mean, words that barely hold back contempt for any that don't follow exactly what you say to do. I'm tired of listening to lies veiled as truth because I know the truth.

I may have a plank that needs to be worked on, but I can still see around it. The veil was lifted from my eyes a long, long time ago. The masquerade has long been over. I listened but I wonder, were you listening to yourself?

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Songbird said...

I hear you. I wish the person in question could, too.