Sunday, July 19, 2009

Texting Friends

Whew. It's been a long week. My emotions have been up and down and all around, and so have I physically. Saturday was a baby shower in Tahoe for baby #4 aka my niece. I've been buying little girl clothes for months, months! It didn't stop either. Stopped at Target on the way up and found a onesie for 98 cents. Sold!

Anyway, despite the joy of celebrating the upcoming arrival baby #4, Saturday was a tough day for different reasons. In the midst of feeling low, I sent a text to K. I will admit it was a pitiful text. She was fantastic though and started sending me pictures. Pictures of Adventure Boy and Meg's Little Bitty. Oh-so-cute! And then I got this one.That would be Meg, Little Bitty, Lu & Nat. Loved it! So grateful for friends who will let friends take pictures of you in bunny ears and then send it to another friend who is feeling pitiful. Blessed.

Last night, after the baby shower, I headed home. Made pretty good time too. It was way too hot though, when a temp gauge reads 99 degrees at 7:30 at night it's too hot. Anyway, got home and swapped texts with Yo Momma, one that ended with her saying "you make me laugh". First, I love that my mom can text, but second I'm grateful to have a mom who is also a friend that I can have fun with. Blessed, again.

Tonight, I went out and got Chinese food from the local market. Opinionated Friend told me something about the fortunes in the fortune cookies that has cracked me up ever since...that I'm not going to share here because my dad reads this blog and it's a little embarrassing. Tonight's fortune was extremely funny with the addition that O.F. clued me into so I sent her a text sharing it with her. Her response had me laughing and I suddenly felt so grateful to be surrounded by such a great cloud of friends. Triple blessed.

I've got lots of family and I have a huge family of friends...and I am blessed.

Blog going dark for a little while...the insanity has begun! Catch you on the flip side.

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