Tuesday, October 13, 2009

And the rain came down...

The rain is truly coming down in buckets. After a late night last night (David Crowder Band concert...so awesome but it was a 2 hour drive there and 2 hour drive home...tired.) I woke up late this morning. I know that it started to rain about 2:30am and I could hear the water rushing down the drain outside my window. That was good...but it also reminded me that I needed to check the other drains as requested by Papa Bear.

The drain off the back of the house was clogged, I could tell by peering through the bedroom window. Great. So I did what I had to do, I opened the window and climbed out onto the garage roof, pulled a chair through the window and tried to unclog the drain. I then climbed back inside to get a tool and climbed back out. It took one push of the ruler (yes, I am resourceful) to get the drain clear, water came gushing down. And I did all of this in my sweatpants, sleep shirt and bare feet. Not the smartest thing ever.

The power went out as I was almost finished drying my hair. Which would have been fine, except I remembered that my car was parked in the garage...with the automatic door opener. I got it out only to then discover that the drains that have been placed around the house to get the water away from the house were plugged up. By the time I got it all taken care of I looked like I had just stepped from the shower. And still, no power.

So I sit here, at work, listening to the wind rip through trees...just watched one tree break in two and fall to the ground...the power flickering and I'm wondering, should I just cancel youth group and be done with it or should I be the true mountain girl that I am and just keep on? Dilemmas.

Updated at 6pm: Powers on. Youth Group on. Wind slowed down. Rain slowed down. Went home and changed the towel in the window that was leaking this morning, watched a little news and heard two different reports. One said 9 inches of rain, another 8, all in all a pretty impressive storm.

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