Monday, October 26, 2009

In hiding

The Pastor just walked into my office and asked "Is the lighting in here a reflection of your mood?". I replied with "just didn't turn on the light" but really there is more to the story.

The typical day off for those in church ministry is Monday. Sunday is a work day, so many church people take Monday off. Not me. I decided early on that I liked working on Mondays for one very important one else is here. The building is quiet. People come and go, but they don't stay to chat. The phone doesn't ring as much, there isn't a line at the copy machine, it's just quiet. When we moved Worship Team rehearsal to Monday nights, Monday's became my day to plan for the next Sunday as well. Working on Monday is good for me...though people have caught on to my trying to hide, thus the Pastor coming to check in about next weeks service today...sigh.

But the last few Monday's have been a little, well, challenging. The public doesn't really get that whole church being closed on Monday's thing and they still appear. Being at the church alone, I tend not to open the door to strangers (yeah, I know, it could be Jesus. I think he might understand). I park in the back of the church but that doesn't stop some people. Two weeks ago someone really wanted attention. They tried every door (and there are a lot of them) but couldn't obtain entrance into the building so they started honking their car horn and yelling. Excuse me?? Really?!?! Last week there was a couple that took shelter from the rain under the overhangs. No big deal...until they started screaming at each other. I decided their time at the church was done and called for reinforcements. What happened to my quiet Mondays?

I approached my office a little more carefully today. After two weeks of interruptions from the outside world, all I really wanted today was a day of solitude and peace. I parked upstairs away from the building (though if you know my car, you could assume that I am in the building). I left the lights off and made sure my blinds were closed to the outside world today. Maybe next week I will turn the lights on and open up a little more. Today, I just want to hide.

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