Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Out on a limb

I was in high school when the movie people came to town. They came to film this movie...I never saw it, I heard it wasn't really good, but I thought of the title today as I was pushing the button to purchase my ticket to Mississippi a few minutes ago.

I'm going out on a limb. God started talking pretty loudly a while back about the possibility of our mission team returning to Pearlington in December, not for one week as we normally do, but for two weeks. So, we started talking back and forth as a team and God and I started having some pretty serious discussions. The two week trip would mean that I would spend the whole two weeks in Mississippi with teams coming in and out...and it would put me in Mississippi over Christmas, potentially alone.

Being the family girl that I am, it's not an easy thing to think about being alone for Christmas. Christmas morning with my family is my favorite time. Going down to Aunt R's and Uncle B's in my pjs. Watching the kids pile their presents in a pile. Heading home with Yo Momma, Papa Bear and G.G. Opening stockings, laughing at the silly things we got each other, eating cinnamon rolls and then gathering with the rest of the family at some point during the day for food, food and more food. It's family time and I love it.

God has other things in mind this year. I'm on that limb and I'm going to be with members of my God family for Christmas. 8 of us will leave on December 18th, with 5 of us staying through January 2nd and 3 coming home on the 24th. A group of 9 will head out to Pearlington on December 26th. It feels good. I'm hanging out on the limb feeling a little bit more like this...reaching for something good!

If you are interested in hearing about the journey or helping make it happen (I need to raise $1200 for the trip) head over to our team site I'm out on a limb and it feels right.

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Anonymous said...

My first reaction is 'I don't think it feels right', my second is you will be with other people that love you and it 'does feel right'.

I guess I'll have to get cracking on that stocking thing.

Yo Momma