Friday, January 29, 2010

A good day

Yesterday I went to get my haircut at the appointment that I had rescheduled...only I wrote it down wrong. Not just wrong completely-on-the-wrong-day-wrong. What makes it even worse is that I wrote it down on the wrong day THINKING that it was the right date. First sign of needing a vacation? It was a long day.

Today was a day off. I took time this morning getting going. Made waffles and found Yo Momma's secret stash of milk chocolate chips, some of which jumped from my hand into the waffle batter. Yummy. Then headed off to the hair appointment I attempted to go to yesterday. Freshly washed and cut hair always makes me happy. My next stop was the big box store that sells car stereos. My lovely family listened to my pleas and I received gift cards for Christmas and my birthday this year. Today I spent them on a new car stereo. After years of having a CD player that eats CD's I am happy to say it is no longer in my car. Yea! I have a new one that has a USB port so that I can hook up my I-Pod easier as well. Love it. Only drawback so far, little buttons. It was bought and installed in a hour. AND the guys who installed it rescued the CD's that were stuck in my old stereo. As Mr. Ben would say, beautamous.

Heading home I remembered the receipt in my wallet for a free coffee. Oh, yeah good stuff. Add in a quick stop at the chiropractor (K) and great hugs from Nat, Lu and Meg and today has been a good day. And it all started with chocolate chip waffles.

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Anonymous said...

Yo, Mommas secret stash of Milk Chocolate chips is all gone. No more in this house for a while.