Monday, February 8, 2010

State travels

A week ago Sunday G.G. and I loaded up the car and headed for the snow covered mountains up North Our destination was a couple of days with Miss Payten. It was so good. She's getting big, is getting quite the personality and is such a happy baby. We laughed and giggled, ate and napped. It was lovely. We took our self-portraits again. I love this pic of G.G. and Payten. Love my Payten!

We got home on Tuesday night. I went to work on Wednesday and Thursday morning. On Thursday afternoon I hopped in another car and headed South with N, Grammie B, Train Guy and Adventure Boy. Our destination was the house of the mouse, D-Land. Friday Grammie B and I took the boys for their first experience of D-land. It rained. But it was fun! We rode Small World twice, visited Mickey in his movie barn, sang along with the birds in the Tiki Room and more. Goofy's house was a big hit.
Saturday K & N joined us for the day. Luckily the rain stayed away for the most of the day. The highlights of the day included Buzz Blasters, Autopia and Mr. Toad's Wild Ride...oh and Small World take three. :) Watching N in the Rocket Blasters with the boys was fun too!
Train Guy got to meet Mickey. Mickey was very impressed with Train Guy's fire jacket rain coat and showed Train Guy the fire bucket that Mickey kept close by just in case! It was cute.Adventure Boy met Minnie. K tells me it was the highlight of the day for him. (I had to leave early to fly home for Sunday and didn't get to see it myself.)I got to met Goofy...who was a little flirty. It was pretty funny. Never been hip-bumped by a Disney character before!A lot of traveling in a week but what a fun week to be Auntie B!


Anonymous said...

aww Miss P is so cute! what a charmer. And you went to Disneyland? wow Brittany - you always do three times as much stuff as I ever do. :)


Brittany said...

Yeah, that whole completing nursing school, having a baby and being a full-time mom is nothing. Got to add more excitement in your life! Travel to Disneyland with a baby? :)