Monday, February 22, 2010


  • Train Guy and Adventure Boy spent the weekend with me. Two nights before they arrived, I was watching some show on TV and said to God as I feel asleep, if I ever get married and get pregnant, I want twins. I rescind that statement. I may even rescind the whole kids thing. NOT that Train Guy and Adventure Boy are wonderful, they are, I just like sleep way too much. My "mom radar" was in high gear all weekend. We had a great time, went to the big zoo, played, had movie night, did a project together and more. My warm fuzzy moment of the weekend was Sunday morning, as I was leaving for church and the boys were hanging in my bed watching cartoons. Yo Momma had volunteered to take them to church later, so I gathered my things and said "Goodbye, see you in an hour and a half, love you!" Adventure Boy looked at me said "love you too". Agh, heart melting!
  • The lack of sleep will not stop me from having them spend the night again. It was fun and it was really good for K and N to get away. My next sleepover will be Miss Payten, if Lil Bro and New Sis are serious. It is fun to be with them and wonderful to send them home! :)
  • The Olympics aren't helping with the whole sleep thing either. Why do they insist on putting the ice skating on late at night? My eyes feel gritty every morning.
  • And speaking of Olympics, what is the deal with curling? I can not figure that sport out. I've been getting sucked in every morning as I get ready to leave. I think I know why they use the brooms and I FINALLY understood why they call it curling (that happened this morning) but what I don't get is how it's scored. I just don't get it.
  • And for the record, I'm still not happy with the ice skating TV commentators. Whatever they have to say could wait until after the performance is done. I'm looking forward to the night where all the skaters perform just for the sake of performing just so I can watch them and listen to their music without interruptions.
  • This afternoon I got a strange email. Local TV station person asking me to call them. I thought maybe it was false and then I got home and there was a message on the answering machine from the same person. Curious. Will keep you informed!

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