Sunday, February 14, 2010

Trinity's going to Haiti

My friend Trinity (who has an alternate blog name here but I'm using her real one for now) has answered a call by God to head to Haiti. It's a detour for her, she's been raising support this last year answering another call by God to be a long-term missionary in Rome. I tend to be of the mind that God will use any situation for good and I know that Trinity has been put in this place at this time for good.

Anyway, Trinity heads to Haiti this week and I'm inviting you to join her. I'm pretty sure she will be posting on her blog All Roads Lead to Rome. I'm proud to call her my friend and certain that God will use her to help others in amazing ways.

There is another group of Youth Ministry people in Haiti right now. I've been praying for the group and keeping up with their blogs. If you're interested in hearing the good that is coming out of the devastation in Haiti check in with Marko or Adam or Lars (there are others but these are the blogs I follow). Lots of heartache but lots of hope as well!

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trinity said...

Thanks Friend! Landed in Florida Safely after some crazy people on my first plane got in a fight that had to be broken up. Glad to be in my hotel. Waiting for word from my team.

I will try to post on my blog as time and equipment allows!

Love you