Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A few notes...

Dear Clothing Manufacturers,

We "Plus-size" women (oh how I despise that name) have a lot of body issues and you aren't helping.  Could we please, PLEASE have t-shirts with sleeves.  Not those little cap sleeves things that leave the whole underarm just swinging away in the breeze, but a real sleeve, something that covers about 3 inches more arm.  That would be lovely.  While we're at it, could you start making skirts that cover below the knee too?  Thanks.

Dear Body of Mine,

I am so sorry for those infections.  Really.  I am not a fan of them either.  Must you now punish me by creating a potential embarrassment every single time I sneeze?

Dear Drivers on the Road,

When the little blue and red twirly lights are coming at you on the OPPOSITE side of the four lane freeway with a cement barrier in between us and them, there is NO need for you to SLAM ON THE BRAKES!  They are not after you.  DRIVE YOUR CAR!!!

Another thing, when the road is windy and you go 15 miles under the speed limit and there are two lanes traveling in the same direction, the best way to end road rage or people cutting you off is to get out of the left lane and allow faster traffic to pass you, even if it means you have to stay behind the truck for 1/2 a mile.  

Dear Radio Executives,

I am tired of listening to the same songs every two hours.  Variety is good.  Older songs are good.  Songs that don't sound like every.single.other.song on the radio are good too.  Unless you really just want me to listen to my iPod and Audiobooks.  That works for me.

Dear Car Stalker,

You are the best.  My life is much happier with you in it.


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