Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The end is near...

We've had a very productive day on our sites. Our breakdown of things accomplished by site are as follows:

At Miss E's house crew prepped the floors and began laying down laminate tiles for the house. Our goal is to get the bedrooms and bathrooms done tomorrow. Pray for us.

Miss P's house crew grouted two bathrooms, put in the master bath vanity, put up ceiling fans and installed light bulbs, prepared to install a toilet, is thisclose to finishing the siding and started to put up the front porch light. They also took the time to clean-up throughout the house.

At D's the crew completed painting the exterior of the house, installed interior doors, caulked everything, completed putting trim work up throughout this house, continued painting interior stuff, put up light fixtures and baseboard. The fun news is that there are two bedrooms complete! YES!

And the crew at H's house finished mudding and sanding sheet rock, finished installing insulation on the bathroom vent and screwed the sub-floor down. Our job is complete at this house, which means that this crew joined up with a couple other crews half-way through the day.
Overall it's been a productive day. I'm amazed sitting back and listening to the team talk, laugh and joke with each other. We're doing great work together, which is such a blessing!

Please pray for us on our last day on the job sites. We all are feeling the push to complete as much as possible. The heat and humidity are pretty intense at times but despite that we keep pressing on. Pray for peace to know that we have done a good job and for safety!


Cheryl said...

I am so very proud of all of you.
You have done sooo much Good God Work this week.
I can't wait till you are home and I can hear first hand all of Brittany's stories.
I do pray the today was as succesful as the rest of the week has been for all of you.
Safe journey's home.
Love to all,
Aunt C

Lynda said...

We miss you! But know you are doing such awesomoe things. Cya tomorrow nite at the airport :-)