Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A job well done

It's 10pm on Wednesday night. We've had a long, hard day and the energy level of the group is just about gone. There are so many thoughts running through my head, stories that could be told, observations that could be made. But it's hard to get any of these thoughts out with Norm in the room making everyone laugh.

Our jobs were done and done well. Ben, our general foreman, wants us to stay around another two weeks. The home owners would appreciate us sticking around another couple of weeks as well. There have been points when we have felt like there was so much to do, other times when we've felt like we weren't making any progress at all. All in all, the projects that we accomplished were done with love, care and the utmost perfection. I, personally, have spent the last two days on my knees laying vinyl tiles, matching up corners. I have a whole new appreciation for Uncle R and his hardwood floor laying job. Even with knee pads, my knees hurt!

It's hard to think about leaving, not knowing when we will return. As tired as I am, I feel a little guilty about getting on the plane and heading for my home when there are people still living in FEMA trailers, with their homes only partially done. But to home we will return tomorrow.

There will be more posts to come in the next few days, probably not tomorrow :) There are stories that need to be told, factoids that need to be heard and feelings that need to be shared. Thank you for your prayers this week, for your encouraging comments and support. God is good, all the time.

We have a big day in New Orleans planned tomorrow before we fly home. We'd appreciate, one more time, your prayers for safety in travel. Dallas/Ft. Worth is having some weather issues, so our flights have the potential of being delayed. It's always something!

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