Monday, June 18, 2007

Good stuff

I'm always busy. It's rare to find a day when there is just nothing on my calendar to do. The last two months have been filled with activities, responsibilities and just plain busyness. Sometimes I dread the activities but then there are days like the last 4 that are filled with good stuff.

Friday was concert night. I love going to concerts especially with Fun Aunt and Cutie Cousin and especially country concerts. Friday it was The Wreckers and Keith Urban. Good stuff.

Saturday my parents and I drove 7+ hours round trip to celebrate with a long time family friend as she got married for the first time (she's in the over 50 crowd). It was such a special ceremony and pretty fun to sit with my mom, dad and brother shedding tears of joy as our friend married the man of her dreams. Good, good stuff.

Sunday's worship service was jam packed but it was so fulfilling. I assisted the Pastor in an infant dedication for Little Boy and then had the honor of being commissioned with our Pearlington Team for our upcoming trip (1 day away!). It was an extra special service as old friends from out of town were there, college students were home and people I love were sitting in the pews. Very cool worship service and pretty darn good stuff.

Sunday night it was dinner by the beach with Yo Momma and The Dad celebrating Fathers Day. More good stuff.

Today spending the day with youth at the beach, though super cold, was super fun. No bad attitudes and lots of laughter. That's good stuff.

And tonight opening the mail and receiving the grade from my class, an A thank you very much, that is good stuff. Sometimes being busy pays off.

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Anonymous said...

Well the feeling is mutual my dear.
Your Aunt always treasures the concert time that she gets with you. And yes having her son there makes it that much more special. It was a great night.
I so wish I could be with the group heading to Mississippi tomorrow but work duties call here at home.
To all of you...........have fun,
be safe and do the best darn "GODS WORK" that you know how.
I love you all,
Aunt Cheryl