Sunday, August 19, 2007


Our fabulous VBS director and I struck a deal, she'd get me a gift certificate for a pedicure as a thank you and I would get her one. It worked very nicely. So that's where we sat yesterday morning, letting someone pamper us. As we were sitting there I noticed that the TV was turned to the Food Network one of my favorites (though I really don't appreciate one particular person on the Food Network...he wasn't on, thank goodness). It crossed my mind that having the TV turned to the Food Network was a safe channel for a nail salon. No news, no politics, no controversial shows, just food. People could just sit and enjoy their time without getting riled up by whatever was on the TV.

Tonight in the middle of a meeting I was suddenly struck with the thought that things that I've been taken for granted could be in jeopardy or unsafe. I get pretty complacent and forget that life is always changing until something happens to rock my world a little.

And then I read a blog that reminded me that life with Jesus isn't supposed to be safe...not in the way that I've taken life with Jesus anyway. Jesus was the embodiment of "unsafe". Jesus shook things up big time and though he brought grace, mercy and peace along the way, Jesus wasn't safe. He didn't follow the "party lines", he didn't do what was expected by the people, Jesus rocked people's worlds.

I've allowed myself to become complacent in this life with Jesus. I've forgotten that life with Jesus isn't safe, it doesn't follow my rules, things get rocky and sometimes I get hurt...and sometimes it feels down right unsafe to follow Jesus. But I'm never alone; Jesus isn't going anywhere. He's ready to take me on a new adventure...I wonder if I'm willing to follow.

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