Sunday, August 26, 2007

Flip-flop's and choices

I've been thinking a lot lately about choices. It came up the other day while I was watching one of those morning news shows. The new thing is that flip-flops, if worn as the sole choice of footwear, is bad for your arch support. Okay. The general public has been warned. Is this going to keep me from wearing my flip-flops all summer long. No. Not even nasty plantar warts kept me from wearing flip-flops all summer long (was that too much info? it was last summer). It's my choice.

My music of choice is country. I like it. I get tired of the continual comments about country music from those who don't like it. I sit and smile and try to be a good sport when really inside I'm thinking "Get over it! Geesh!" We all make our choices, if you don't like mine fine but LET IT GO ALREADY!!!

We all make choices. It's part of life. Some choices lead us down paths of greatness, some lead us into despair. There are choices that will bring us joy, there are choices that will bring us pain. My choice is not going to be the same as yours. We will make mistakes, we will disagree, we will regret our choices and we will also rejoice in and enjoy our choices. What's great is that once our choice has made, there is another one around the corner and it's a big one. Ready?? We can deal with our choices or we can whine, complain and regret our choices to the point where we annoy everyone around us.

I guess my point is that I'm tired of hearing on the news, from friends, from people on the street, from "experts" about my choices whatever they may be. I've got a brain, I'm pretty good about thinking things through and I'm pretty much okay with my choices. I'll deal with whatever comes about because of them. So, experts, friends, new and random people, thanks for your input, but I'm okay.

I'm off to find my flip-flops.

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