Thursday, August 7, 2008


It happened earlier in the week than I expected, that feeling of being done, done, done with VBS. Usually Friday comes around I think "Whew, I'm done." This time I think it was Wednesday night when the Fire truck came around to hose down the kids and I was on guard for our two different Matthew's who tend to find trouble. I think that's the moment when I felt done. The fact that there were two more days to come wasn't good.

My job was to be the "face" of VBS for the kids. So they saw me at the beginning, the middle and the end. I think I faked my lack of enthusiasm pretty well until the last afternoon when that one kid, you know the one I'm talking about, that one kid that pushes the boundaries all the time yet never does anything really super bad, pushed the one last button I had. The "look" came out, the kid knew he'd hit that button and I felt bad. Great. Just how the end of VBS should be.

Yet despite my feeling done, done, done way too early in the week, there were some great moments throughout the week...the kids that were eager, excited even, to pray before heading off to their different stations...laughter, hugs and smiles at the end of the running the Friday evening program...listening to the kids talk about Jesus, being forgiven and sharing with others. Not to mention the fact that Train Guy LOVED VBS and the singing. He's been sitting in church every week since birth and has never really engaged with the music until this week. Today in church he was dancing his little feet off. And he's upset that the CD that he got from VBS didn't have the "Oh Baby" song on it...know to the rest of us as "Pharaoh, Pharaoh". Too cute!

My all-time favorite moment of the week came on Friday afternoon when the 5-7 year olds were practicing their song for that night's performance. They had the motions down was just the words that were a little trouble for one of the girls. The line was "He is Lord, Lord, Lord" and I thought they had it until I watched an adorable 5 year old form the word and then I started laughing, silently of course...this she was singing "He is bored, bored, bored" with all her heart. I made sure she was standing away from the microphone for the program.

Another year of VBS is done...and PPB, I agree, where's the Hallmark card for that?!

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