Thursday, August 21, 2008

My week so far

Monday--Wake up tired...great. Head to Costco (aka the Hundred Dollar store) to buy all the food for Wednesday nights Community Dinner. Go to church and unload the 28lbs of beef, 4 boxes of tomatoes, 3 watermelons, 6 cantaloupes, 4 things of sour cream, 3 things of salsa, tortilla chips and more then head down to my office to figure out how many drivers are needed for the next day's trip to Raging Waters. Choose worship songs for the next couple of weeks, check my mailbox and clean it out, text and answer students about Raging Waters trip, lunch with K, back to texting and answering, check email inbox and clean answer pertinent questions. Go pick up Adventure Boy and Train Guy bring them back to church for a "picnic" before Worship Team rehearsal. Head to the grocery store and then home.

Tuesday--Wake up with a head cold...fantastic. Jump out of bed and head for Juice store for their fabulous coldbuster before meeting up with students at church for a day at Raging Waters....just what I need. Scramble at the last minute to replace a driver that didn't show and finally arrive at Raging Waters for a long day in the sun. 4:45pm encourage all students to head towards the vehicles for home. 5:20pm have students call their parents letting them know that we are going to be late because we are waiting for two students. 5:45 finally get on the road after late student #2 emerges from the bathroom. 6:10 sit in traffic listening to late student #1 state that "you should have told us to get ready to go at 4pm and then we wouldn't have been late." 6:11pm clench fists around steering wheel and bite lip to keep from responding with nasty sarcasm to late student #1's helpful suggestion. 6:35 arrive back at church and wait for parents to pick up their children. Return borrowed van. 7pm arrive at home, eat dinner and immediately head for bed...head cold getting nasty.

Wednesday--Wake up at 7am, text K and say "Not walking", go back to sleep till 8:20am...nasty head cold is getting nastier. Get up, shower and head to dentist for appointment...with a stop at Juice store for another coldbuster juice. Spend an hour and a half at dentist office trying to breath while nice dentist drills on a tooth. Leave dentist go to grocery store and buy 240 taco shells for community dinner. Go to church, unload vehicle, check emails, sit at desk and wonder "why am I here?" head home to sleep...head cold is moving. 3pm back at church to fix dinner with the youth for 100+ people. Spend next three hours directing students on the best way to cut watermelon, onions, mix brownies, brown taco meat, fill taco shells, set tables, make powdered lemonade. 6pm dinner is served and the race is on! 6:45 room is clearing out, so are students, start to get peeved that I'm sick and they are all leaving when there's still a mess to clean up. Thank God for 5 fabulous students who don't abandon their youth director and stop whining. 7:15pm realize that my head cold is now a chest cold inbetween coughing fits. 8pm everything's clean, I'm hungry (we fed 100+ people and ran out of taco shells within 20 minutes), go next door get chinese food, return to church to hang out with students leaving for college this week....10:55pm fight valiantly to keep eyes open during movie. 11:30pm say final goodbyes to students who don't want to leave, head home and immediately go to bed.

Thursday--Wake up and ponder calling in sick. Tell myself to "get over it" and get out of bed. While getting ready for work remember the day before, praise God for getting me through the day. Get coffee (first time this week!) and head for staff meeting. Leave staff meeting, help coworker set up new email account, check emails, clear out mailbox, sit at desk and wonder...what am I doing here? Trip to the juice store may be imminent...though those coldbuster things aren't working so well this time...and a return to bed may be close by. Is it really only Thursday?

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