Tuesday, August 5, 2008


We are in the midst of Vacation Bible School mania. Every afternoon from 2-5pm we are host to kids eager to sing, play, craft and learn. As the resident song leader I get to dance and sing for 2 out of three hours. My throat is sore, my mind is reeling with lyrics to songs and motions and my eyes are heavy for the need of some sleep. But it certainly is awesome to see the results of this week. Yesterday Train Guy and I had a serious discussion about leprosy as a result of the story of the lepers and Jesus...we also discussed how Jesus has the power to heal us. Today kids were eager to say the opening prayer and our beaker is getting full of balloons with kids responding to the daily challenges. Yeah, as much as VBS wears me out, there's nothing like it.

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Anonymous said...

happy VBS, I guess.
I somehow feel like it should be one of those things where you can get a card for doing it.Like Hallmark should get right on that one.