Sunday, October 19, 2008


No, it's not talk like a Pirate Day...that was so last September...that Argh that you hear reverberating in your head is coming from me. One of my favorite things to do is organize trips. I love that stuff. One of my least favorite things to do is play the "is the airfare going to go up or down" game. I've been playing that game for awhile now and I'm getting pretty darn tired.

Our Mississippi Mission Team heads back to Pearlington on December 26th. There are 20 of us flying and we have specific times we need to fly because our trip is bookended by Christmas and then the wedding of a friend that many are invited too. We have to fly out on the 26th and back on the 2nd. The cheapest flight I have found has been $540 on S.West. Comparable flights have been seen on other airlines but S.West is the only one that doesn't charge for luggage. I could have gotten a cheaper flight on another airline but by the time we pay for luggage there and back the price skyrocketed...especially since some of us will be taking more than one piece of luggage. Quite a racket these airlines have going on.

Yo Momma is keeping track of the airfare costs as well and keeps calling me, saying "Check here or check there" which I diligently do because I'm her daughter and I want a good deal. I think, though, that she's checking sites that don't really exist because I can't find one of her good deals. Last Thursday I saw the above mentioned flight and tried to book it. Nope. It wouldn't go through. I was getting mad and finally gave up. The next morning, poof, the cheap flight had disappeared...cost had grown $60 overnight. ARGH!

Today the $540 has returned, only with a different flight that gives us 50 minutes to sprint through a big airport to our next flight. Do I take it or do I wait until Wednesday morning when the prices supposedly go down again? That's a tough question. Maybe I'll just go to lunch and figure it all out later.

Updated to add:
Booked!!! We've got tickets! One headache done!

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