Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I can't find my Bible. I know, it's a bad thing when a Youth Director has lost their Bible. All kinds of trouble can happen there. Technically I have 5 Bibles on my shelf in my office, one of which is used pretty regularly but the Bible that I use all the time, the small compact one that I take with me wherever I go has gone missing. It's just gone. It's taken hostage the journal that has all of my study plans for the next year in it as well.

I've searched high and low, in the piles on my desk, in the piles at my house, in my car, in the 5 different bags that I carry things in, I've searched everywhere. I thought for a minute I lost them at big chain coffee shop that morning I took time to work there and then remembered that I didn't have them then either.

I first really noticed that they was gone two weeks ago as I was packing for my vacation/study leave time. I knew that I would want my Bible and I couldn't find it. Then I realized that I hadn't seen my journal either and I knew something was up. Looking high and low, I couldn't come up with either before I left on vacation/study leave. And they haven't come out of hiding since I've been home. While I can make do without the small, compact leather bound Bible that doesn't weigh 5lbs, it's getting increasingly harder to make do with out my study plans for the youth groups.

So, if in going about your business throughout the days you happen to run across a small, compact brown leather Bible (NLT) and a journal about the same size with YS on it, make them go home please. This youth director would greatly appreciate it.

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