Monday, October 13, 2008

A tooth tale

Sunday night at the NYWC general session, I was sitting with Opinionated Friend (you know who you are) enjoying my second 2-pack of Starburst that had two pink starburst in unheard of but really, it happened. I have witnesses.

Anyway, this starburst was not so chewy so I didn't chew it a lot. About halfway through I bit down and noticed that my starburst was a little crunchy. I thought it odd but didn't worry, just found it odd. Then I was sitting there listening to whatever was happening on stage, it felt like there was still starburst stuck on my tooth. I tried to get it off but wasn't having luck so I went to the bathroom. That's when I discovered that the crunchy part of the starburst wasn't was part of my crowned tooth. Not the whole thing, just a little portion of it but still, I have a broken can stop laughing now.

That was, of course, just before the speaker who got up and proceeded to talk about how our economy is tanking and that we should be prepared to lose our jobs, not because we're doing a bad job but because people are going to stop giving to the church and that means no money...okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a small bit but not that much. All I could think the whole time is that now I've got this broken crown that cost a ton in the first place, I'm still paying off the dentist from the last procedure, now I have a new problem and I'm going to not have a job or the money to pay for it in a month. Have I mentioned that I tend to over think things? Geez.

Then tonight I quickly checked my box at church and found a notice from our insurance people saying that my dental insurance is going to change as of November 1st...again. Oh yeah, someones having a good laugh at my expense.

BTW, it wasn't the starburst that caused my tooth to break. I remembered that earlier in the day, something happened that caused my teeth to clash together and that particular tooth was the one that clashed the hardest. The starburst just helped it come loose. TMI? Oh well.

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