Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Gettin' political

I try really hard not to get political. I just don't need the headache of the debates...which to be honest, these days it's hard to have a conversation about politics without debating. So I completely understand if you don't want to continue reading this post. I will go back to other tales from my life tomorrow.

However, today my limit was reached with a certain TV personality whom I never listen to but happened to flash across the TV screen this morning when I was "watching" a morning news show. This TV personality said something that got my hackles up because I knew it was erroneous. If you are interested, you'll have to watch this video. The erroneous statement comes towards the end of the video. I know it's erroneous because I remember reading about a similar incident back in September. And while I remember reading about the similar incident back in September I certainly don't remember hearing about it on the morning news show...but then I'm not always awake, so they could have said something and I just didn't know.

I don't think either incident is right, in fact I'm pretty disgusted with both of the incidents. My point is, these reporters and TV personalities need to start doing their homework better and get their facts straight. Just another example of how the media skews things and proof that we all need to do our homework. I'm really, really ready for this whole election debacle to be over!

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trinity said...

That is crazy, I hadn't heard anything about that, and it was at my old school. And President Baker is Brandon's uncle and Brandon never mentioned it either. Odd. Sad. I am ready too!