Thursday, November 26, 2009

If I had Twitter...

this is what I would have posted today.

7:30am--little birds outside my window, if i had a b.b. gun, you would be gone.

10am--Star$'s really, really needs to be open today.

10:15am--Payten just left me a voicemail...yes a 3 month old can talk...Auntie B in tears.

10:30am--Star$'s open! Hallelujah! Everyone who sees me today will be grateful.

11:30am--Next best thing to seeing Payten, seeing Sammy.

2pm--Local store open too. Good thing. 1 pumpkin pie to bake and 3 really outdated cans of evaporated milk at home. Gross.

3:30pm--Just ran over something in Aunt & Uncles driveway...pretty sure it was the paper...don't really want to check.

4:15pm--Turkey good injected with lots o butter good. Really, really good. So is sparkling wine.

4:45pm--I love stuffing. And mashed potatoes. And sweet potatoes.

6pm--Blessed to have a family that loves to laugh.

6:30pm--Pumpkin cake w/cream cheese filling and chocolate ganache oh so yummy.

7:30pm--Is it bedtime yet?

Happy Turkey Day!

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