Sunday, November 22, 2009

Things running through my head...

  • Two phrases making me crazy..."You know" and "right?", as in "I just made this statement and want you to agree with me so I'll say 'right' afterwards." I want to scream..."No I don't know and I think you're wrong!".
  • Yo Momma and I attended Big Church Meeting Saturday. I enjoyed several things about the morning but left feeling a little sad. During the course of Big Church Meeting a Pastor commented that Big Church isn't doing a great job "handing down our faith". I wanted to yell out AMEN!!! That was something that was evident the moment I entered the room. There were three of us there that looked to be 35 and younger...some 40 somethings and a lot 50 and over. Big Church Meeting ended with a presentation on how we can be healthier, as in physically healthier, not church healthier. I sat their thinking that the Church is focusing on some things, that though they are important, should take a back seat to the big elephant in the room...the Church universal isn't doing such a great job of handing down faith.
  • The countdown to Mississippi is on. 25 days until I'm on a plane heading towards Pearlington. Prayer Warriors and financial sponsors still needed. Sponsors should head to this site for team information and sponsor information!
  • Speaking of the Mississippi trip, there are 5 of us that will be spending Christmas in Mississippi. I'm looking forward to Shrimp Scampi for Christmas Eve dinner...yum, yum, yum...and a walk on the on Christmas Day.
  • Sunday the Young Adult group went to lunch together down by the Yacht Harbor. We were sitting at a restaurant's outside patio, enjoying the sun and the heat coming from the outdoor heater that another table had requested. There were birds all over the place and one seagull decided that it needed a resting spot...and choose the top of the outdoor heater. It took about a second for the heat to register on it's feet and that bird shot off the heater and swooped down to the harbor below, feet first. I feel bad for the bird but it was pretty amusing at the same time. As was Sir Joe's reaction. I don't think I've seen someone laugh like that in a long time.
  • Why is it that the weeks that are short on workdays are the ones filled with the most stuff to do? And the most interruptions? Back to work for me!

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