Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dots of things I forgot...

  • Payten came to visit (brought her parents along too) last month. We had some good Auntie B and Baby P bonding time (still working on a blog name for her) and took our self-portraits again. She got to meet cousin Anthony and they bonded at the beach. Aren't they cute? We also went pumpkin huntin'...Payten was not impressed.
  • Adventure Boy turned 3 (three!) at the beginning of October. I couldn't help myself and made him a cake. Word on the street is that he liked his airplane cake.
  • K, Meg and I went to a Vince Gill concert in October...that man can sing! But has terrible taste in shirts. No kidding, it was painful to look at. Anyway we took a pact, at that concert, that there were certain things we would never do. #1. Have perfect hair. #2. Overload on perfume or powder (the fumes just about did us in!). #3. No Aqua Net (see #2). #4. Will not wear clothes that have been bedazzled. #5. No side-shaved haircuts. My #6. would be never to let the men in our lives wear shirts that were obnoxious...wish I could find a picture of it!
  • Last week at High School group our sole 9th grade boy came early to youth group. Another young lady came in soon after and both were enjoying their dinner of Nachos from Taq V (the place to eat in town) and talking about life. I can't remember the conversation but at one point 9th grade boy clapped his hands three times. His next comment was "but that word only has three syllables." It took me a moment and then I burst out laughing. I love that he had to say the word in his head and clap his hands to figure out how many syllables were in the word. To all you teachers out there, students are paying attention!
  • This one happened tonight so it's not really something that I forgot to tell you but something I had forgotten just the same...middle school boys squeal just as much as middle school girls. The game of tag tonight was pierced with squealing/screaming and I was getting after the girls to be quieter when Pastor's Son ran past me, wait for it, wait for it...squealing. :)

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Presbyterian Gal said...

What an awesome cake you made! He's gonna remember that his whole life!