Monday, November 30, 2009


There was an ambulance in the neighborhood yesterday. I heard it come up the Valley and it kept getting closer and closer and closer. I quickly pulled up my favorite site that tells me where the fire engines and ambulances are going and there was my street name! Yikes!

Curiosity got the better of me and I went out onto our porch to look down the street and the ambulance was right next door. Yo Momma knits with Lovely Next Door Neighbor, she's been to our house a number of times but could I remember her name? Nope. All I could come up with was her husbands name. So I started praying...turns out, that's the name that God wanted me to be thinking of anyway. Lovely Next Door Neighbor was fine, it was her husband that needed the intercession.

I have a friend, I'll call her Contemplative Quilter, who has said many times that in the midst of her day, if the name of someone she knows comes to mind, she will pray for that person at that moment. It may be just a repeating of their name and a time of silence but she believes that person has come to mind for a reason and will intercede on their behalf with God. As I reflect on yesterday's ambulance moment, and as I read the email from Lovely Next Door Neighbor about what was going on while I was desperately trying to remember her name, I am fully convinced that God kept her name from me on purpose because she was not the one who needed prayer.

God works in mysterious ways...and for that I am actually pretty glad.

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