Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The basement

My office at church is located in what has been termed by some "the basement". The bottom half of the church is tucked up against a hill, so one whole side has no windows at all. Someone once said that adults don't like using the downstairs because it's "the basement"...a place best suited for youth and children. Which made me laugh. Before the big church remodel the basement was where our fellowship hall was...and the really good kitchen that was big and lovely and had plenty of room for cooking and plenty of cabinets...oh, sorry, sidetracked by history.

Anyway, in "the basement" is where my office resides. It's lovely because it's out of the way of the regular flow of traffic, usually quiet and allows me to blast my music as loud as I want without bothering a whole bunch of people. I like my basement office.

The summer is a wonderful time to be in my office as opposed to the rest of the church. It usually doesn't get warmer than mid-70's (it's a basement!) while the upstairs of the church gets into the high 90's. Yuck. But the winter time...the winter time is when my poor little hands freeze! Especially on Wednesdays when the kid's program is running and the downstairs door is open, which causes a draft into my office, which I never notice right away until I realize that I'm freeeeeeezzzzzzziiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggg. Can you feel the chattering of my teeth and shaking of my hands?! If I could just remember to shut my door, my little space heater would get this office nice and toasty, more ovenish than freezerish. But alas, time and time again, I forget.

Despite the cold, I wouldn't trade this office for nothing...well, unless the powers that be saw fit to get A/C and turn the attic into an THAT could be fun! Hmmm.... :)

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