Sunday, December 13, 2009

My day

Today I wrote the following list for R-Girl...

My Day:
7:45-11:45 church (with Mississippi meeting in the middle)
12:30-2pm Young Adult Group
2:15-4pm Finish decorating Train Guy's birthday cake (a garbage truck)
4:15-6:30pm Church Christmas Celebration
6:30pm-8pm Train Guy's birthday pizza dinner

Here's what I remember about today:
  • Opening the door to the church for the custodian who forgot his keys to the church at home, who only had 15 minutes to spend cleaning.
  • Walking into the church only to see that those who had rehearsed the day before for the Christmas Celebration had not bothered to return the Sanctuary to it's natural state for the worship service. Lovely.
  • Keyboardist showing up 15 minutes before church started 'cuz the roads between her house and church were closed...glad she kept trying!
  • Having everyone in the worship service take a deep breath in and exhale out all the rush of the just felt right.
  • The prayer of Church Member A as he prayed for the Mississippi Team. I got teary. And Church Doc's prayer for the team to stay healthy. :)
  • Laughing around a table with Young Adults, sharing a meal and stories.
  • My aching feet and back.
  • Singing O Holy Night with a room full of people who were not hesitant to sing. I would have closed my eyes and reveled in the moment but I couldn't remember the chords to the song! Not so good when you're playing guitar.
  • The moment of pure harmonious bliss at the close of the Worship Team's special song...sweet.
  • The smile on Train Guy's face when he really saw his garbage truck cake (picture to come sometime). Worth all the worry.
  • Lil Bitty...enuf said. (Her mom will understand.)
But I have to say, the moment that I cherish the most today came in the form of an email that said "Are we ready? RCA". Yes, Ben, I'm ready...only 4 more days.

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