Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Last Friday, G.G. turned 80. I had full intentions of posting something wonderful in honor of her and got so busy putting together the huge PowerPoint presentation for her party, it just didn't happen. I've spent a lot of days scanning photos (over 200) and putting them into a slide show of G.G.'s life. It's been fun to go through pictures (some have wound up on my facebook account) and see the progression of her life and our family.

Here's G.G. at a year old. They just stuck her out in her high chair in a field.
She loved animals...look closely there is a chipmunk on her legs.
She was quite the fashion plate too.
I could tell which era the pics were taken in because of the hair too. Any guesses on when this one was taken?
The glasses here are awesome!
I could go on and on. The point is, that G.G. would tell you that she doesn't understand why we made such a big fuss. That her feelings were hurt when we wouldn't let her do anything and kept shooing her out of the kitchen. She might even tell you that she didn't need the party. That's okay. She can tell you those things. WE needed to tell her, to show her, to shower her with the love that we feel for the woman who keeps us all together.

G.G. taught me that family is important. My Aunt K was sharing a little bit of her impressions of G.G. before the party. Aunt K said that one of the things she loves the most about G.G. is that she is always there for her family and friends. If something happens and you need her, G.G. will be there. Aunt K said that she felt closer to G.G. than her own Mom at times. That there is a caring and love that is there that makes you know that you are special and loved.

Aunt K also said that the person that reminds her most of G.G. in that regard is me. What a legacy a Grandmother can pass on to her granddaughter. To be one that others can count on, whom you know loves you and cares and who will be there when you need them. It's a compliment that I hope to live up to someday.

G.G. Happy Birthday. I love you very much.

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