Thursday, July 15, 2010

This week...

This week I have preached sermon number 1 twice.
Spent hours scanning and editing photo's like these (points if you can guess who is in the photo!)Ran a Worship Rehearsal.
Chatted with someone in Rome.Began building the worship service and sermon for this week.
Supervised and organized a Pool Party for Middle School youth.
Ran interference for a friend.
Spent time in conversation with a friend about the church universal.
Cried (not about the church).
Lunched with G.G.
Talked with a friend getting ready for Breast Cancer Surgery.
Contemplated how messed up life gets.
Ran youth group for High School.Worried about some of the high school youth.
Had lunch with one of the Young Adults.
Went to a movie with Young Adults (It's so fluffy!)
Spent a lot of time praying and writing sermon number twoand complied more pictures like these.Tomorrow is the Giants Game, after getting the oil changed on my car and brakes checked.
Saturday is cleaning day before the family arrives for G.G.'s party...and final sermon prep.
And Sunday it starts all over again.
Life is busy. I like it busy, I'm not complaining.
Oops, almost forgot, I made a little change too. :)

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trinity said...

Been a a busy week. Like the Rome Time sign, I had to put CA time on my computer as an extra clock, so I would not have to count backwards all the time. Nice sassy new haircut!

Good luck with your sermon, don' forget to take a Sabbath sometime.