Thursday, July 1, 2010

The silence

I'm multi-tasking right now. Eating dinner, texting a friend (who I get to see soon, yippee), watching NCIS (cuz who can get enough NCIS?), checking Facebook every so often and reading blogs. That's not why I'm adding blogging to that this though.

I was on my friend Brandon's blog (I lurk there often) and he posted song by a man named Andrew Peterson. I read his blog and knew that I needed to hit the button to play the 'video' and knew that I was going to blog the song myself as soon as the first verse was done.

Monday, as I was talking with a friend who has served as a kind of spiritual director for me this last year, it became pretty apparent to me that I'm in a holding pattern, waiting for God to do whatever it is God is going to do with my life and let me land wherever it is I'm supposed to land. It's akin to a God silence time, but not quite. I've been through those times before. This isn't that. This is a holding pattern.

But I do have friends right now who are in the God silence mode. So this is for them. There's no answer in this song, more of a recognition that Jesus knows and has been there before too.

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