Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Goodbye for now, O.F.

I believe that God brings people into our lives for seasons, to help us find our way, to show us new visions, to help us dream new dreams or get in touch with things that we had forgotten. There are people that I can clearly see that God used to help guide me on the path of faith, some that helped push me into a career I never even considered and I can see that there are people that are in my life right now that God is using to help me think about the future.

Tomorrow Opinionated Friend leaves for Rome...permanently. She's moving there to follow the vision that God has been giving her since childhood, to be a missionary. God has clearly set her on this path and is clearly guiding her on the journey.

Opinionated Friend has been one that has helped me to dream bigger, see farther and trust in the mystery of God even deeper. We have laughed together, cried together, been frustrated, been silent, struggled with some of the same issues, been freaked out by a rat, been so tired we had uncontrollable giggle fests and wow, have we talked. There aren't many people that I feel like I can be the true me with but she's one. I'm blessed by her friendship and will miss her constant physical presence in my life something fierce! I am so proud to be her friend and anxious to see what God does through her life in the next few years.

Love you O.F.! :)

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trinity said...

I will miss you too! Oh forget it, I miss you already! And I am so thankful for your friendship as well! Today was long, and it is only 3pm.