Friday, July 30, 2010

Belated Birthday Love

I bought my Uncle a birthday card. It's still in the trunk of my car. His birthday was on the 15th.
I didn't get one for G.G. Helped throw a party for her instead.
Yo Momma left town and I realized I had done nothing for her birthday. NOTHING! And so I started to post this yesterday on her birthday, got distracted and realized I had failed again! Sigh.

In lieu of a Birthday Card, here are 10 of the things I love about Yo Momma.

10. She is a mother through and through, always wanting to take care of the people she loves.
9. That she isn't afraid to try something new...hence the text messages with words spelled wonky.
8. Her fierce loyalty and support of her children. Don't mess with Yo Momma!
7. I love singing with her...even in the morning.
6. Her laugh and smile.
5. Her generosity and kindness to others. She makes friends everywhere! (Okay, sometimes that gets
annoying but in general, I love it.)

4. How she willingly adopts people into her family...thus the many children and grandchildren that
aren't related by blood.3. Yo Momma's cooking is the bomb!
2. Her hugs.
1. That she's my mom and my friend!

So, Happy Birthday Yo Momma! I'm pretty proud to be your kid.Meg (an "adopted" one), Me and Yo Momma in June.


Anonymous said...

Yo Pappa forgot my birthday again. Maybe if I would stay in town these things wouldn't happen. I'll plan a party for myself next year. Want to help?

Thanks for the tribute.

Yo, Momma

Anonymous said...


Meg said...

mmmmm i love this pic... and love that I am the adopted one. <3

little do readers know that you never had a chance. I think I self-adopted myself right into the family. =D

Brittany said...

Oh we love you bunches Meg and now you're stuck! Once adopted, never let go! :)