Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Just Be

I was up early this morning. After two nights of not sleeping well, I was extra tired this morning. It was definitely a coffee morning.

I was the first to arrive at church. That's becoming more and more common lately. This morning, though, as I was turning on lights and getting things ready for the VBS kids, I became aware of the silence. It was a peaceful silence that urged me, begged me, to sit and listen. To pray, to breathe, to be still. So I was still. I listened to the silence and said a quick prayer. It was the only moment all day long that I truly felt at peace.

Mornings are not my thing. Even knowing that I need to be up early, it's hard to get to bed and settle down before 10 or 11 most nights...sometimes even later. The nights are when I can hide away from the world and let myself re-energize. To have a moment in the morning where I felt energized and ready to go was different. I can see why people get up extra early to spend time with God in the morning. It was good.

Doesn't mean I'm going to change my patterns. It does mean that I'm going to be more careful to listen to that voice, the one that urges me to stop what I'm doing and breathe, pray, listen and be still. That voice that says just "be". Good things happen when I stop and listen to God.

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trinity said...

Tis good. This morning my alarm did not work. I woke up at the time I need to leave (over an hour late). So I hurried, but as I rushed out the door I remembered that I had wanted to grab my pocket new test. as I had decided to make the most of my morning commute.

I am so thankful that God reminded me this morning. As I pulled out my Bible on the metro, I realized just how much I was thankful for the moment to focus on God, first thing! I think 20 min each morning on my way to class is going to become a new habit for me.