Monday, August 9, 2010


Today was the first day of VBS. We switched things up this year and moved our time from the afternoon to the morning. Part of the reasoning was that it gets really hot in the afternoon. God was either really listening and wanting to help or is laughing at us this week. It's probably the coolest (weather wise) August we've had ever. Not being a morning person, I can guarantee that Star$ is going to be getting a lot more business from me this week. It's not like helping at the street down the church where all I do is step in and do the music, this time I have to be "on" for 3 the morning...oh yes, coffee is needed even if it is all psychological.

I got to talk with Opinionated Friend today. She moved to Rome at the beginning of July and it's the first time we've had to really catch up. It's interesting to hear the experiences she's having and the things she's noticing about life in Europe vs. life in the U.S. A lot more happening in the world than we hear about over here.

Tuesday night Train Guy and Adventure Boy were over, along with Emi-Pie and Nat. It's so fun to have these kids in my life. At one point I came downstairs to find all four of them piled on my bed watching a movie...they had started off in different rooms because one wanted to watch one movie and all the others another. It was nice to listen to them giggle and laugh and have fun together...all the while enjoying the view from the deck with Meg and K. Grateful for friends and their kids.

Speaking of kids...Miss Payten, Train Guy and Adventure Boy got to meet for the first time at G.G.'s birthday. Adventure Boy stood by Miss Payten's playpen for a longtime, at one point he was singing softly to her. Heart melting moment. Love these kiddo's.At that same party, Shirley flirted a little with Papa Bear. I caught her in action. It's hard not to smile when Shirley is around.

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