Saturday, August 21, 2010

Train Guy

Today was Workday at the Church. Time to pull out the cleaning supplies, weed whackers and paint brushes and make the church look a little better. I've been bugged by the floor in our social hall, so I decided to tackle that body is telling me I tackled that monstrosity well.

Yo Momma and I arrived to see Train Guy with a huge broom in his hands, sweeping up the leaves and branches that Kanda was cutting. They seemed to be working well as a team and that proved to be true all morning long. They were a pair. They trimmed a hedge, Train Guy on the low part, Kanda on the higher parts. They came in for a break together, they took pictures of people working, they took pictures of each other. They had conversations about the Good Samaritan and helping others and more and more and more. Wherever Kanda went, Train Guy was sure to follow.

At one point Train Guy (who needs a new nickname, BTW) came over to talk with me. I asked how he was doing and this is what he said, "The work is kind of boring and my back is hurting." Sounds like he's much older than 5, doesn't he? That didn't mean that he wasn't having fun though.

Kanda remarked at one point that she couldn't have gotten as much done without his help. She really meant it too. Which makes me grateful for a church family who encourages, supports and cheers on the youngest in our midst.

Just for the record, Train Guy also made Miss Shirley's day. He gave her a hug without any prompting. He's a keeper!

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