Wednesday, August 4, 2010

It's all my fault

It's all my fault.

Last September when we started talking about VBS (Vacation Bible School) for this year, I made the crazy suggestion that we do our OWN thing. Not go through a box, but actually come up with everything ourselves. So off we went. Next week when kids come through the door they will be going "On the Road with Jesus". Nice catchy title isn't it? On the Road...hmmm, makes me think of a song...

When I was little we would start to drive somewhere on a trip and Yo Momma would start singing "On the Road again". Fast forward a few years and Yo Momma started driving on youth trips...and would sing into the walkie talkies "On the Road again..." my youth group picked that one up quickly. We go on a trip and somewhere along the way they will start singing, "On the Road again..."

So when I started thinking about songs for VBS, I thought of that song. I adjusted the lyrics for our audience and gave a copy to Train Guy and Adventure Boy for their approval.

K said to me yesterday "Adventure Boy got up this morning and started singing 'On the road again'. I couldn't figure out when he'd been listening to Willie Nelson and then remembered the CD." Turns out Adventure Boy has been listening to the CD every night as he falls asleep or in the morning or whenever he wants to. He's gonna have the lyrics to the songs down pat...

And it's all my fault.

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Anonymous said...

To bad your not with me, we could be singing "on the road again" a lot. Maybe I'll surprise your dad in the morning and start out singing to him. Can't wait to see the new lyrics.

Yo, Momma