Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Being transparent

There was a blogger that I used to read all the time who had label for posts titled "crap I'm tired of". She disappeared awhile back after the church she worked for did her WAY wrong. Blog taken down and everything. I recently found her again. I'm a little stalkerish like that. I don't think I ever commented on her blog, but I loved the words she said, the way she said things and that label "crap I'm tired of".

It's hard not being anonymous on this blog. It's hard because there are things that I want to say, things that I need to say but this isn't a safe place to say them...too many eyes see this page and it gets unsafe sometimes. Which is okay. I set it up that way, partly to edit what I say, to put some limits on how much is shared in this space. It's a filter that helps me say what I really mean, knowing that an unknown audience is out there reading my words.

Today a part of me wants to unburden myself, let everything just spill out but the saner part of me will borrow a label from a blogger I appreciated and admired just say that there's a lot of "crap I'm tired of" on my plate. If that gets me in trouble, so be it.

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