Friday, October 15, 2010

Belated Birthday post

I started three posts this week and deleted them all. Kind of feeling a little *bleh*. I've talked a lot and listened a lot this week and now I'm worn out.

But I realized that I didn't share pictures from my road trip in September. Yo Momma asked what I wanted for my birthday and I said "I want to go to Disneyland." And so we did. Can I just say, Disneyland is probably the best place to be on your birthday. You can get a button like this that they personalize for you and all day long people will stop to wish you Happy Birthday. It's very lovely...even at 36. :)
Yo Momma was a good sport. She rode California Screamin' (we were too cheap to buy the picture so we took a picture of the picture), went to the top of the Fun Wheel with me (in the non-rocking cars, thankyouverymuch) and was a great D-land partner. She didn't know I was taking this picture our first time through Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, but I had all kinds of fun! The Jonas Brothers were there shooting a commercial on my birthday. It may or may not be them standing on the stage in front of the castle...not that you can really see that in this picture.I didn't know who it was when I took the pic...still don't really care, to be honest. All I know is they were in the way of my getting a picture in front of the castle on my we took one the next day. :) It was a great birthday. Thanks Yo Momma!


Meg said...

Doesn't having a margarita with me (Or was I the only one having one???) in Denver count as visiting... Texas? ;)

Brittany said...

Do airport visits count? Oh hey, I can actually count Texas! I stayed overnight there in the airport cuz Continental kept me hostage there!

But watching you have a margarita in Denver (actually Houston) could count as visiting Texas.