Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Running through my head

There's a news story that just posted on our local newspaper website. Seems there was a road rage incident that wound up with one guy hacking at another guy with a machete. The machete guy was tazed by the CHP officers that just happened to be in the parking lot that the incident ended in. My mind is having a hard time wrapping itself around that.

Someone I know posted something on Facebook today that had me wanting to hide their status updates (ok, honestly, this person has posted insensitive stuff before and I'm almost at my wits end). It was about someone they didn't even know, just a news item they happened to see but took the time to post on Facebook how dumb the other person was. That's helpful.

Another friend has been asked recently by people why she isn't "over it" yet. By "over it" they mean why is she still grieving the loss of her husband. Hmmm...yeah.

Within hours of the Chilean miners being rescued there were people commenting left and right about the faults of one or more of the miners. I also saw a news article about how much those sunglasses cost that the miners wore as they came back to sunlight after 69 days in a cave. Don't celebrate the good in humanity too long! Make sure the bad is pointed out right away!

I get that life is hard and that we are all dealing with our own stuff but what happened to compassion for other people? What happened to thinking about how other people are feeling and recognizing that we all are fallible people?

Just what's running through my head today.

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