Friday, October 1, 2010

Dream Job

The Friday Five over at RevGals had a bonus question today. It was "What would be your Dream ministry job include".

I got stuck on that question and haven't been able to really think about the others. My dream job is multifaceted. Ever since I first led a Snow Trip with youth, I've thought about buying property in Tahoe and building a retreat house. Not a retreat center with a bunch of cabins, but a multi-level house that 20-30 youth and their leaders could rent for the weekend for a reasonable cost. (Okay, there would be one cabin, away from the main house all for me...I need my sleep.) It always bugs me when I try to find places to rent, then need to rent vehicles and all that and the trips wind up costing over $200 for the weekend and that doesn't include snowboarding or skiing! Being the host at a retreat house would be part one.

At the same time I would like to be that person who helps teams of young people, help others in disaster response situations. Organizing and planning trips, finding the best deal, helping a group connect with serving others, all of it excites and motivates me. Watching young people make the connection between service and faith is powerful. I'm already doing that part of the job.

Part three would be a lot of what I'm doing already, helping young people make connections with faith in God. I could do without the pressure of the church setting, where it's more about conformity to a set of ideals that may or may not represent what is biblical. I'm not sure what the ideal setting would be, I just know that it's not exactly the one in which I currently work.

The fourth part would be time to write, dedicated time to write. I have so much whirling in my brain, books, articles, columns that would love to be written just not the time or energy to do so.

So there it is, my dream job in four parts. Host, organizer, connector and writer. Maybe one day...

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