Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Did I tell you...

That I'm heading to Texas?  Galveston, to be more precise.  The youth group I lead is joining a friends youth group and we will be helping with the ongoing rebuilding work.  After 10 trips to Mississippi, it's going to be interesting to travel someplace different and do the same kind of work I've done in Mississippi.

Have I also told you that 5 days after I get back from Texas I'm going to Mississippi again?  Just for a long weekend and not with a church group.  Just a couple of friends and Yo Momma.  Ben asked if we would be willing to come help out with the Yellow House.  Everything fell together within a week.  I like how things just happen.  When it all falls into place, I believe it's meant to be!

Now, here's a little plea.  If you are in the area Sunday and want to help out with the Texas trip, there will be a BBQ at High Street Community Church at 5pm.  The cost is $8 per person for the dinner.  There  will also be a raffle, so bring some extra cash for raffle tickets.  (Raffle items are ALWAYS appreciated as well.)  My friend, Todd, whose youth group we are joining for the Texas trip, is in a particular state of stress because not only is he taking a group to Texas but he's going to Mexico with another group two weeks later...school schedules around here do not line up for Easter break this year...so the more people who show up and the more funds raised for the causes, the less stress Todd will be going through.

If you can't make it, prayers for the team would be greatly appreciated!  I'll post more about trip at a later date.  Happy Tuesday!

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