Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Those boys and the dark

The power went out at church tonight.  I was there, not for the Middle School Youth Group that was happening, but for the Vacation Bible School meeting.  It went out about 10 minutes after 7.  Forty minutes into youth group.  5 minutes after the power went out I got a text message..."power out at church, should I have the kids call their parents?" 

I've led youth group in the dark before.  Sometimes the lights stay off the whole time, sometimes they go on and off, sometimes it's only 10 minutes.  Seeing as how youth group, tonight, was almost halfway through and parents would be coming to church soon anyway, I left my meeting to find the propane lanterns and flashlights and to encourage the youth leaders to improvise.  And improvise they did.  I left as parents were picking up their kids (Hey, I'm not in charge on Tuesday nights!  YES!!) and the lights were still out.  But the youth leaders were their with flashlights in hand helping kids and parents get connected.  We have a great youth staff!

I was searching for the flashlights that have mysteriously disappeared (time to stock up again), I heard the sound of those boys.  You know the ones.  The brave boys.  The ones that are macho, have got it all together, to whom nothing is scary.  Those boys were the ones speaking in extra loud voices as they walked in the darkened hallways.  Those boys were a wee bit scared.  As I crawled into the dark and spider speckled storage space in search of the camping lantern (which was on top of the refrigerator, right where I had left it for emergencies such as these) I giggled to myself.  It's nice to know that beneath the rough exterior, those boys still are boys a little afraid of the dark. 

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