Thursday, March 17, 2011

For the six that I know***

They say that it's insulting.
They say that they won't sign the paper.
They say that too many people stand accused falsely.
They say that it will never happen here.
They say that we shouldn't judge.
They say...
They say...

I say six.
Six people.
Six innocent people.
Six people unable to defend themselves.
Six people who weren't lying...who aren't lying
Six people that I know.
Six people.

There are more.
The more remain silent.
To protect themselves,
from those that say
it doesn't happen.

To those that say...
I have news.
It happens.
It's happened.
It's true.
I have a question...
What's more insulting
signing a paper that says it happens,
we will believe,
we will do our best to protect
or not believing the ones who were innocent,
who are not lying 
who were forever changed,

by something they didn't want
and couldn't stop?

I find that insulting.
The six would find that insulting...
and possibly feel assaulted...again.

***and for the ones that I don't know of, who have remain silent, who haven't yet shared.  I believe you.


Anonymous said...

inquiring minds want to know

Brittany said...

Inquiring mind...the 6 who have suffered abuse as children by adults