Monday, March 28, 2011


There are a few commercials out there right now that cause me to yell at the TV.  Gain and their "gooder" and Jello with the parents who terrorize their children come to mind immediately.  Incorrect English and awful parents, quite the combo.  I know, I know, I could just turn off the TV.  I don't.  Stop judging me.

There is one commercial that is old but still makes me giggle every time.  At staff meeting last week we had a discussion about Cadbury eggs and I stated that I loved the commercial where the animals are "trying out" to be the spokesperson.  No one on staff had seen the commercial, so I found it (thank you YouTube!) and emailed it out.  So far Pastor E. likes the lion or maybe the cat.   Children's Director A. shares my affection for the cat and Choir Director J. has yet to respond.

Here's the commercial...what say you?  And while you are at it, how do you feel about said Cadbury eggs?  Fabulous Office Admin and I say a hearty "Yes!" (which resulted in a fantastic surprise on our inbox's the next day).

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