Sunday, May 15, 2011

Creative Guy (formerly Train Guy)

Creative Guy joins me on Wednesday afternoons at the church.  He rides the school bus to the bus stop...which is conveniently the church parking lot...and then eats his lunch, watches a movie, does a project and plays on the playground until our Wednesday kids program starts.

Some Wednesdays, Creative Guy arrives having had a rough day.  Those are the days when his usual response to the question, "How was your day?", is "I don't want to talk about it."  Did I mention that he is 6 going on 16?  Other Wednesday's he'll arrive peppy and ready for fun.

Yesterday as he got off the bus (driven by the same bus driver that I had when I was getting dropped off at the church in elementary school!!) Creative Guy had a brilliant idea.  "Hey Brittany," he said, "you should come on my field trip to Johnson's Farm tomorrow.  We're going on the bus right when school starts, about 8:50.  You could ride the bus with me to school, since it picks me up at church, and then go on the field trip.  You'll need to bring a snack but don't bring it in a paper bag.  They have crows up there that will grab the paper bag and eat the bag and your snack!"  Love him.

Later, as he was watching Chicken Little for the hundredth time, he called out "Hey Brittany, do you know how to spell 'uh'?"  I was a little perplexed and asked him "What is the sentence?".  His response was "One day 'uh' (a)..."  The English teacher in me (thanks Mrs. C.) came out.  "Oh you mean 'a'.  One day 'a'."

About 20 minutes later I was called back into the room.  "Brittany, how about I tell you the story and you write it out."  And that's how I spent 15 minutes writing the story Mouse Goes to Camp by Creative Guy.  I left room for him to draw the pictures and wrote line after line about the Mouse who went to Camp and was told by the Teacher that there was a spirit in the lake and a secret jewel.  Turned out that the spirit in the lake was the Teacher in disguise and the jewel was a red sparkling jewel.  I'm thinking someone has been watching Scooby Doo.

At the end of the children's program, K came to take Creative Guy home.  Creative Guy is a planner.  He likes things to go his way, so when K appeared he turned to me and said "But Brittany, I wanted to go in and watch a little bit of a movie."  Sorry, Creative Guy, there is always next week.  :)

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