Wednesday, October 26, 2011


  • I have a hard time feeling sorry for myself.  As in, I may be going through tough stuff, but I am always extremely aware that there are people in the world that have life tougher than I do and they aren't whining on a blog.  That said, I'm finding life tough right now.  That's my whine.
  • Last weekend Yo Momma and I volunteered to help spruce up a Conference Center.  It's a Presbyterian Conference Center.  There were about 35 people there.  35 Christian people, mostly Presbyterian, who loved Jesus, loved serving and were just awesome.  I've never been a big camp person, but last weekend made me want to work for that Conference Center.  I started getting ideas about programs they could do and ways they could reach out to Pastors and Youth Pastors and churches and...yeah, got a little creative.  My favorite, favorite moment, though was when I was sharing with a couple, in their 70's I think, about where my life is right now.  I said something to the effect of "God was clear that it was time to move on.  I'm just waiting for God to make it clear as to what to move on to."  The woman, J, looked at me and said "She will."  HA!  Just awesome.
  • Last night Opinionated Friend and two other ministry minded women and I went to dinner together.  At one point one I looked at each of these women and was amazed at how God intertwines our lives together.  All four of us have been or are currently in Youth Ministry and in pretty big leadership positions.  It was good to look around the table and be reminded that God been at work and continues to work, not just in this community but in our lives and in our friendship.
  • That whole statement above, is a good reminder for me as well.  God intertwines lives and works.  Even when I'm feeling pretty crappy, God is still at work.  Even when I doubt that God is hearing my pleas, my rants, my fears, my doubts, my hesitant acceptance of the moment, God is still at work.  I can't help but wish that God would work faster.  Sigh.
  • I took a dream class in college.  At the last second, I found that I needed one or two units to graduate, so I took the first class that I could that met on the weekend.  Dream Interpretation is what I think it was.  I'm wishing, these days, that I had paid a whole lot more attention in that class.  Been having some crazy, strange dreams lately.  For example, the other night I had a dream that I was at home with Papa Bear and Yo Momma.  Papa Bear comes up and says "Did you see the goose and the monkey outside?"  To which I go to sliding glass doors and peer out, spying some people with a monkey and a goose.  All of a sudden, the monkey turns into 5 angry gorillas which see me at the window and start racing up the hill towards the house.  In a moment of panic I turned to Papa Bear and say "Did you close the front door."  And Papa Bear starts meandering towards the stairs saying "No.  But the monkey can't get through the screen door."  Those were some angry gorillas and I knew better, so I grabbed a chair to defend myself...and that is when I woke myself up.  Yep, some crazy dreams I've been having lately!  (And I can probably interpret that one a little.)
I think that's about all I've got tonight.

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