Sunday, October 2, 2011

Time to make a move

I went to dinner the other night, with two fantastic women.  Absolutely fantastic women...they also happen to be former youth group members.  I'm enjoying the freedom of not being the youth director anymore.  I enjoyed just hanging out with these fantastic women and being totally, completely, honestly me.  Though, in all truthfulness these two women have seen me be totally, completely, honestly me before and survived.  The stories they could tell!

Anyway, as we chatted I had a bit of a revelation.  It came in two waves.  One at dinner, one later on the way home.  I've always known my sense of what I am and am not good at is pretty skewed.  I'm definitely one of those people who give myself enough credit for being good at things.  I'm my hardest critic.  When it comes to writing down on paper, in the form of a resume, things that I do well I'm hitting a wall.  I've got a lot of blank spaces.  In searching for a job I have seen things that I know that I could do but then I look at the requirements and I panic a little.  I feel so very unqualified.

While talking with these ladies, though, I realized two things.  One:  I can do these jobs.  I do have the experience.  My resume may not say the exact words that are outlined on the requirements, but I definitely have the experience needed!  Two:  I could probably do the job that isn't listed.  The job one or two levels higher.  I have that experience too!  It's time for me to step it up and believe in myself and the abilities that I have.  It's time to get a move on and apply for a job!

So, here's the thing.  I need your help, Internet friends.  This week I need to get my resume completed and apply for one, just one job (here's hoping there is one to apply for!).  So keep me accountable?  If we see each other, gently ask.  If by Friday there is nothing posted here about actually accomplishing my goal, well, leave a comment and gently nudge. 

I'm so grateful for the time to spend with friends.  It's amazing what insights can be found having dinner with two fantastic women.


test said...

Make sure you include all the skills you learned on Mississippi trips, not just the building skills, but the organizing and managing. You can manage multiple people, locations, logistics and equipment simultaneously. And you're really good at assessing what is needed and procuring items to get the job done (ie. going to Walmart to get more stuff).

Brittany said...

Yes ma'am! ;) I'm really good at getting all the items needed to get the job done and encouraging other people to do the job too! (See yesterday's FB post.) Hee-hee!

Molly said...

PS - I figured out how to change my name so I am no longer "test". Duh.

Brittany said...

:P Love you (and your comments) whether you are "test" or Molly!