Monday, January 28, 2013


I received a text message this morning, complete with picture, that left me in tears...tears of laughter.  One minute I was working on the Monday Morning Message that didn't want to be manipulated the way I wanted it manipulated and the next I was laughing, loudly, in the office with tears rolling down my face.

I firmly contend that we all need someone, or a few someones, in our life with whom we can share the nitty-gritty details about daily living.  People with whom you can pour out the depths of your soul and know, for absolute certain, they are not judging you, nor are they laughing AT you.  People that you know your deepest darkest secrets can be unveiled and they won't tell another soul on earth.  People who have seen you at your worst and they still call or text or email.

I am grateful to have a few of those kinds of people in my life.  I am grateful, too, that it isn't a one way sharing street.  I can send the text that tells them about my latest adventure in being me and they will reciprocate...though usually not on the same day.

Here's to all those friends with whom we can bare our souls and know that we are safe!!!  And to text messages that make us laugh so hard we cry.  :)

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